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Navigating the Risks of Disjointed Connectivity Solutions | Educational Workshop


Jessie Carpio


The security landscape is evolving, quickly. Along with it are the financial and operational risks to businesses, and the MSP’s that support them.

Join Aaron Jacobs from Sophos, Kourosh Keshavarz from nbn, and our CEO Ben Town, as they talk about the best practice strategies to minimise these risks, and understand the opportunity that is unlocked for MSPs in providing an end-to-end secure, managed, and monitored connectivity solution.

✔️ The current threat landscape from Sophos and stories from the battleground
✔️ Opportunities for MSPs on nbn®’s network including areas to target
✔️ How residential and disjointed connectivity solutions opens up risks to your customer and your MSP
✔️ Upcoming changes at Hosted Network geared to MSPs delivering secure connectivity solutions (minus the need for a dedicated SOC) 

👉 Limited slots only! Join the lunch and learn today

Each Qualified Australian MSP attendee gets a $25 Uber Eats Voucher!

Edited by Jessie Carpio

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