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  1. Madeleane Abejero

    MSP Documentation Playbook


    A consistent and clean-cut documentation helps Managed Service Providers in maximising their time and effort and in providing efficient support to customers. Processes and data can become increasingly complicated as your MSP grows, so having an efficient documentation system in place that is readily accessible to your team is crucial to driving your MSP success. Get a copy of this free white paper to learn some useful tips for effective documentation and understand its importance not only for your MSP but your customers as well.
  2. 1 download

    For managed service providers, accurate time tracking and ticket notes are crucial in billing customers correctly and increasing accountability among teams. While it may seem tedious, having consistent and defined processes will help you improve your MSPs productivity and profitability. Get a copy of our free white paper to learn some smart techniques in improving your MSP’s time tracking and ticket note writing.
  3. until
    What makes a great salesperson? And how can you recruit a top-notch salesperson? Join us this 22nd November at 1 PM AEDT as we explore the topic of sales psychology with Frontier Performance's expert sales trainer Pancho Mehrotra and Hosted Network CEO, Ben Town. What we’ll be covering: ✔️ Why is it so hard to recruit salespeople who can sell? ✔️ Why are there so many account managers and farmers in tech land vs true hunters? ✔️ What are the intangibles in their emotional makeup that separate good producers from great producers? ✔️ What are the Emotional Intelligence attributes that make a top sales producer? Register here
  4. 1 download

    If you’re having trouble keeping track of your deals and growing your customer database, this resource could be your next best buddy. This whitepaper talks about great strategies you can integrate in your day-to-day sales processes and help you make smart
  5. 2 downloads

    One of the most critical factors to consider in your MSP’s growth is making sure that you charge correctly for your services. As most MSPs have a similar range of solutions, standing out from a pool of providers is a bit of a challenge unless you strategise in building your bundles efficiently. This resource is created to guide MSPs of different sizes in coming up with bundles and pricing techniques that will work for your business and your customers.
  6. Madeleane Abejero

    Marketing 101 for MSPs

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    With a broad catalogue of services on offer, MSPs are among the most unique businesses when it comes to marketing. Download this whitepaper to get a guide on how to make the right decisions when it comes to marketing your MSP business. It is important to establish a strategy to effectively reach your target audience and developing one doesn’t have to be complicated! Your marketing strategy is how your MSP targets, reaches, engages, converts and nurture leads. In this free whitepaper, ‘Marketing 101 for MSPs’, you will learn how to do that and more. We covered topics such as: Defining your target audience Developing a campaign Effective lead nurturing that converts After-sales marketing How can Hosted Network help you?
  7. until
    Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have many faces. It allows MSPs to grow, downsize or transition out of the MSP game for new phases of life and business. It also changes the nature of the business to help MSPs achieve a competitive position in the market. Join our discussion on M&A with Nick Clift from Tenassia, Scott Atkinson from TribeTech, Ryan Spillane from 360 Consulting, and our own Ben Town this September 8th at 1 PM AEST. What we'll be covering: Advantages and disadvantages of M&A Avoiding common pitfalls MSPs make in M&A How to know if your MSP is ready for M&A 👉 Click here to reserve your spot
  8. until
    Are you confident your customer's internet connections are best suited to their needs?Given how much businesses rely on connectivity to the internet, ensuring your customers have the right connection for their business needs is essential. As an MSP, you play a vital role in helping your customers understand the different kinds of connectivity and recommending the right connection for your customer's unique situation.Join us this August 25th at 1 PM AEST for our sales workshop with our very own Dave Sokolovic.What you will learn:✔️ Technical terms and meanings✔️ Quality, not speed, is key✔️ Connectivity types (Pros and Cons)✔️ When things break, SLA’s and MTTR✔️ How to mitigate connectivity issues✔️ Connecting multiple sites✔️ How we can help✔️ Answers to Questions 👉 Click here to register
  9. until
    Selling VoIP is easier said than done. Lucky for you, we've got a few helpful tips to get your sales strategy in check. Join us for our sales workshop "How the right VoIP solution makes a difference" this August 9th at 1 PM AEST with Hosted Network's Stewart Lochhead. What you'll learn: ✔️ Hosted Network Voice Offerings Overview ✔️ MSP reseller requirements ✔️ Identifying sales opportunities ✔️ Technical considerations ✔️ Tools for reselling success 👉 Click here to register
  10. until
    Marketing is critical not only in generating more leads, but also in cultivating existing customers. However, most MSPs slack at marketing and don't have a marketing strategy in place. No wonder why it's one of top pain points of MSPs around the world. Why is it important to promote you offerings? What are the common marketing traps you should avoid? How to get started? Know the answers from Nigel Moore, Jamie Warner, and James Davis in our upcoming MSPs in Conversation, "How MSPs can suck at marketing, less" this August 16th 2022 at 1 PM AEST. 👉 Click here to reserve your spot
  11. until
    The final part of our Marketing Workshop series is happening this July 12th at 1 PM AEST! If you're looking to revamp your MSPs website to generate more conversions then this workshop is for you. Join Hosted Network and MSP marketing experts Pounce Marketing as we go over the simple hacks you can do to start generating more conversions on your website. What you'll learn: ✔️ Why are websites important ✔️ 5 things you can do to optimise your website ✔️ Free tools you can use 👉 Click here to register
  12. until
    Customer experience is an essential area for all businesses but especially for MSPs given the dynamic and ongoing business nature of our industry. If you want your customers to stay loyal, you must invest in their experience.Join us this July 5th and get expert tips from your MSP peers that you can use to improve customer experience. 👉 Click here to register
  13. until
    Our Marketing Workshop series is back this June! Join our 30-minute micro workshop with Pounce Marketing "How to Increase Your Exposure on Google" as we show you the steps to increasing your MSP's rank on Google. What you'll learn: ✔️ What is Google My Business ✔️ How to set it up ✔️ Tips to get more reviews 👉 Reserve your virtual seat today
  14. Join us at Generations, Port Melbourne. Come and meet the Hosted Network team and your Melbourne MSP peers over a few casual drinks. Date: Thursday 26th May at 6 PM AESTVenue: Generations Cafe Bar and Grill, Port Melbourne 👉 Click here to register your interest
  15. until
    Oftentimes, your customers don't think they need an offsite backup solution until it's too late. Take the initiative in educating your customers and learn why Australian MSPs choose Hosted Network's Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service solution in our technical workshop happening this 9th June 2022 at 1 PM AEST.👉 Click here to registerWhat you’ll learn:✔️ Introduction to Veeam✔️ Use Cases✔️ Understanding RTOs and RPOs✔️ Backup Restoration✔️ Replication restore scenarios✔️ Technical Requirements✔️ Technical Demo
  16. until
    Building a great MSP team was such a great topic that we had to do another round!There is no formula for assembling a superb team but there are many helpful tips and advice that can guide your MSP in the right direction.Join James Davis from Sea-Level Operations, Ryan Spillane from 360 Consulting, and Matthew Smart from JEM Computer Systems again in another MSPs in Conversation workshop this June 7th at 2 PM AEST. 👉 Click here to register
  17. until
    Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be rescheduling our Backup (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) technical workshop previously scheduled this week on 12th May 2022 at 1 PM AEST to a later date. --- Oftentimes, your customers don't think they need an offsite backup solution until it's too late. Take the initiative in educating your customers and learn why Australian MSPs choose Hosted Network's Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service solution in our technical workshop happening this 12th May 2022 at 1 PM AEST.👉 Click here to register What you’ll learn:✔️ Introduction to Veeam ✔️ Use Cases ✔️ Understanding RTOs and RPOs ✔️ Backup Restoration ✔️ Replication restore scenarios ✔️ Technical Requirements ✔️ Technical Demo
  18. until
    Mindset is everything! It shapes how you manage and grow your MSP. In our latest MSPs in Conversation, we will be joined by James Davis from Sea-Level Operations, Nigel Moore from the The Tech Tribe, and Ryan Spillane from 360 Consulting to talk about how to deal with the stress and noise brought by managing an MSP and embracing that right mindset to overcome all the challenges in growing your MSP business. What we'll be discussing:✔️ Learn how others manage the day to day grind that is the MSP world✔️ Gain insight into what you can do to help reduce the noise and focus on what's important✔️ Burnout; the ugly truth and views from before and after 👉 Click here to register
  19. until
    Join us as we introduce you to Hosted Network's VoIP offerings at a technical level and learn how you can take advantage of each to deliver reliable and profitable VoIP services to your customers. What you'll learn: ✔️ Overview of Hosted Network VoIP products ✔️ Use cases ✔️ Technical Scoping ✔️ Migration Best Practices ✔️ Introduction to VoIP Management Portal ✔️ VoIP Platform PBX Functionality 👉 Click here to register
  20. until
    "Easy" was the word that came to mind when we asked our partners what they thought about our cloud solutions and they're not wrong. See how we're able to deliver the same benefits and more versus other cloud providers in our Technical Workshop covering our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) What you'll learn: ✔️ Organisational hierarchy ✔️ Networking options ✔️ Backup options ✔️ Migration options ✔️ Technical demonstration ✔️ ...and more! 👉 Click here to register
  21. until
    Join James Davis from Sea-Level Operations, Ryan Spillane from 360 Consulting, and Matthew Smart from JEM Computer Systems as they discuss their experience with building high-performing MSP teams this 5th April 2022 at 1:30 PM AEST. What we'll cover: ✔️ What functions to outsource ✔️ Common mistakes when building a team ✔️ The importance of company culture ✔️ Training staff Hurry, as there are only a limited number of virtual seats available! 👉 Click here to reserve your spot. Each Qualified Australian MSP attendee gets a $25 Uber Eats Voucher!
  22. until
    Join our 30-minute micro marketing workshop "How to Amplify Your Presence on LinkedIn" and learn the hacks that can help you stand out in your clients LinkedIn feed this 22nd March at 1 PM AEDT with Pounce Marketing’s Sim Kaur. What you’ll learn: ✔️ The importance of LinkedIn as a Channel ✔️ How to boost your company profile ✔️ How to boost your personal brand ✔️ Top tips on creating content for LinkedIn Click here to reserve your virtual seat!
  23. until
    Discover ways you can leverage automation to improve your MSPs overall operational efficiency Join the discussion with Aaron Jacobs from RODIN, James Davis from Sea Level, and Ben Town from Hosted Network this 16th March at 1 PM AEDT as they tackle this topic and show you how you to improve your MSPs overall operational efficiency no matter what stage you’re at in your automation journey.What we'll cover: ✔️ Assess your MSP's Automation Journey and ability to scale✔️ Anticipate the challenges required to support future growth✔️ Align automation initiatives that will most impact results Click here to reserve your virtual seat
  24. Jessie Carpio

    An Introduction to Rebilling

    Join us this March 31st at 1 PM AEDT to see how your MSP can utilise our new and improved Rebilling System to cut down your administration time. Click here to reserve your spot! What you’ll learn:✔️ Rebilling System Functionality✔️ Integration capabilities with Xero, Autotask, and ConnectWise✔️ System Demonstration
  25. until
    Forget ‘new year, new me’, think ‘new year, new business’.' Join Hosted Network and Pounce Marketing for our upcoming online marketing workshop "Kick Start Your Marketing in 2022" happening this 8th February 2022 at 1:00 PM AEDT. Click here to reserve your spot. Pounce Marketing is an integrated marketing agency that specialises in helping out Australian MSPs find their footing in the digital marketing world. What you will learn: ✔️ Top 10 things to consider in your marketing mix ✔️ How to measure marketing ROI View the other topics of our series here. All attendees can also get a chance to win a FREE 1-hour consultation with Pounce Marketing!
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