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Internet Fundamentals - Why the right connection matters | Sales Workshop


Jessie Carpio


Are you confident your customer's internet connections are best suited to their needs?

Given how much businesses rely on connectivity to the internet, ensuring your customers have the right connection for their business needs is essential. As an MSP, you play a vital role in helping your customers understand the different kinds of connectivity and recommending the right connection for your customer's unique situation.

Join us this August 25th at 1 PM AEST for our sales workshop with our very own Dave Sokolovic.

What you will learn:
✔️ Technical terms and meanings
✔️ Quality, not speed, is key
✔️ Connectivity types (Pros and Cons)
✔️ When things break, SLA’s and MTTR
✔️ How to mitigate connectivity issues
✔️ Connecting multiple sites
✔️ How we can help
✔️ Answers to Questions

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