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Virtual Meeting - SMBiT Professionals - Auvik


Vivien Dehamer

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SMBiT Professionals

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24 August 2018



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11.00am - 12:00pm AEST
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Own the Network: Network Management for MSPs




Alex Hoff - VP, Product & Sales and Rob Molinaro - Account Manager




In today’s cloud-dominated world, the network is more important to your clients than ever—it’s the gateway to everything they need. So clients want you to own the network—to take full responsibility for keeping them connected. In this webinar, we’ll walk you through exactly what it takes to own a client network, some of the challenges you’ll face in doing so, and ways to overcome those challenges. You’ll learn how to make network management an efficient and cost-effective part of your MSP business, turning clients into raving fans along the way.

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Virtual Meeting - SMBiT Professionals - Auvik - 24 August


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