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Azure Fundamentals Hands-on Lab


Maria Armstrong Pax8

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Join Pax8 for an Azure Fundamentals Hands on Lab experience to create your own Azure compute environment. This will be a 2 hour live session led by instructors:

Microsoft Azure is one of the leading enterprise cloud platforms. Azure launched in 2010 and has quickly matured as many new services are continually being added. One of the first and most popular services offered in Azure is Virtual Machines, an IaaS solution.

This lab will walk you through the steps to create and deploy a Windows Server 2019 Datacenter virtual machine. We will also configure a backup of the virtual machine that will be user-accessible for recovery. You will also be able to load a web application in the VM you have just provisioned in Azure.

During the creation of the virtual machine, additional properties will be reviewed, including the following:

  • Virtual Network
  • Availability Sets
  • Dynamic vs Static IP Address
  • Network Security Groups
  • Data Disk
  • Review and monitor key parameters associated with the VM

Register here: https://events.teams.microsoft.com/event/442c04fa-62e6-4b52-a10b-2f0807f993ca@d747311f-f098-4814-8432-ed58c58d2a9b

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