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Sydney Chapter Meeting - SMBiT Professionals


Vivien Dehamer
Chapter Meetings

Using Network SD-WAN and it’s relevance to SMB/SME

John Soden – BDM/SD-WAN Solutions Specialist


Fusion Broadband is the most popular SD-WAN provider in Australia with MSPs and the only vendor who has priced their enterprise grade solution at the SMB level. Pricing from under $99 per month. John will be doing a LIVE demonstration on the night and running through how you can now add another recurring revenue stream to your IT Business.

Some features

  • Same static IP instant failover to an alternate internet link (including 4G)
  • up to 400% Compression speed boost + NBN Congestion boost
  • Bonding of Internet links
  • Create fast, highly secure, carrier independent multi-site networks (replace VPN and MPLS networks)

Door prize for members: a bonding and/or failover service to the winner, free for a year, worth $2,500 INCLUDING the hardware. The winning IT company, can deploy this service free of charge for 12 months and charge their client at whatever rate they see fit. The lucky winner will be able to generate between $2,500-$5,000 profit with this prize.

Fusion Broadband is a Silver partner of SMBiT Professionals


Downtime is not an option

Gunnar Habitz, Sales Manager, KeepItSafe

The IT landscape of SMBs has changed. No longer solely reliant on local infrastructure, most companies now have a mix of cloud-based services as well as on-premise environments. IT departments are no longer seen as cost centres and instead enable business value. Following these infrastructure changes and trends like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), the traditional backup function in SMB companies has changed dramatically. It is less about recovering lost or old versions of files from tapes or disc. Now businesses expect that IT can provide smooth disaster recovery

Gunnar Habitz from KeepItSafe will share how SMB businesses can leverage a trustful Disaster Recovery solution to avoid downtime and achieve peace of mind. KeepItSafe uses Veeam Cloud Connect to provide proper Business Continuity capabilities to keep the business running and focus on delivering availability.

Door prize for members: Waterford Whiskey Glasses

Veeam is a Gold partner of SMBiT Professionals


Round table discussion

Open forum ...


... issues, ideas, highs, lows, great tools you have found, bring them to the table!

To register:   http://membership.smbitpro.org/event-2925845 

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