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Understanding SaaS Impacts & Opportunities for MSPs - Augmentt webinar


Vivien Dehamer

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Understanding SaaS Impacts & Opportunities for MSPs


Marlene Mullowney - Director of Sales George Smith – Senior Business Development Manager


Cybersecurity requires an evolving mindset that must now include cloud computing and business applications. Modern MSPs must incorporate new tools to monitor, secure and manage, the “new normal.” At Augmentt, we’ve spent the last two years researching and working with industry leaders on how cybersecurity is evolving for MSPs & MSSPs. Join us for this educational webinar where we will discuss how the mass adoption of SaaS applications has impacted your customers IT stack. We will also review how modern MSPs are expanding their Managed Services to include SaaS audits, SaaS monitoring, SaaS management and admin, and SaaS security.


Augmentt is a silver sponsor of SMBiT Professionals.


Register at https://membership.smbitpro.org/event-4723150 

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