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Sydney Chapter Meeting


Michael Priest
Chapter Meetings


Using Network Assessments to Close More Business
Tara Newman, Director of International Sales and Marketing

An IT Assessment is arguably the most effective way to win new clients and sell new offerings to your existing clients. With the right tools you can quickly and easily walk into an unknown network environment and come away with all the data you need without installing any agents, probes or software. You'll uncover everything from network security issues, to internal and external security vulnerabilities, to a vast array of hidden configuration issues waiting to blow up into big problems.

During this session, Tara will share with you the best practices for using IT assessments to open doors for new sales opportunities and provide an overview of the best-selling Network Detective software that automates the process of performing IT Assessments.
Other business critical hosted applications

Door prize for members: free 30-days of our network and security assessment tools.

RapidFireTools is a Gold partner of SMBiT Professionals


Build your Own BDR & OneBlox
Daniel Tus, Senior Account Manger

Daniel will share StorageCraft's solutions with you:


  • Shadow Protect Recovery Solution 
  • Build your Own BDR! 
  • OneBlox Scale-Out Storage Solution Overview
  • OneBlox & St Kilda FC

StorageCraft is a Gold partner of SMBiT Professionals

Please register at the following URL: https://membership.smbitpro.org/event-2894121


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