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Brisbane Training Day


Vivien Dehamer
Training and Events - QLD

Event details

Business Coaching

Bill Stack, Action Coach

Learning Objectives

  • Improve cashflow and know its importance for growing their business.
  • Grow sales by 46% and their profits by a massive 61%.
  • Know what specific order to solve certain problems in their business so as to properly scale the business.
  • Take immediate control of your (and team members’) time to work more productively. Leverage marketing to earn them money, not cost them money.
  • Recruit, motivate, educate and retain the best employees.
  • Introduce new systems to run the business more smoothly.
  • Provide consistent, exceptional customer service. Return to your business with motivation and confidence to help focus on what’s important in bringing about sustainable growth.

RMM Hardening Workshop

Sean Dendle, Cymax


Learning Objectives

  • Understand recent breaches and their impact.
  • Identify risks and attack surfaces of your chosen Remote Management tools.
  • Implement mitigation strategies in a hands-on workshop on the day.
  • Create a plan for further improvements.

Fee:   (includes lunch platter)

$15 Members
$65 Non-members

(Non-members are offered a $50 discount on new membership fees if they join the association within the next week.)


Register at https://membership.smbitpro.org/event-4472447 


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