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SMBiT Professionals Virtual Meeting: Gluh


Brett Chalmers

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glüh – simplified quoting and procurement for MSP’s

Lorenzo Coppa, glüh co-founder

When things are simple, they get done.

Glüh is a sales, quoting, automated procurement and B2B eCommerce SaaS platform that integrates with ConnectWise, Autotask and Xero. See https://help.gluh.co/getting-started/process-overview for details.

Glüh is especially effective in delivering the full range of IT products that your business clients are already purchasing elsewhere without being a distraction to your core business.

Answer client product queries from any device in an instant.

Even templated proposals can be issued within 30 seconds!

Implemented in an hour of your time, find out how many MSP’s are increasing profit, revenue – and brand traction – with www.glüh.co

Glüh is a Bronze partner of SMBiT Professionals

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