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Found 5 results

  1. Vivien Dehamer

    The Levers of Service Gross Margin Webinar

    The Levers of Service Gross Margin James Davis, Managing Director of Sea-Level Operations APAC Still running your service desk based on number of open service tickets? Join James to find out how to manage the service department by the financials to make data driven decisions towards a healthier service organisation. Register at https://membership.smbitpro.org/event-4424597
  2. Vivien Dehamer

    Tasmania Chapter Meeting

    The Operational Journey James Davis, Managing Director of Sea-Level Operations APAC Spending time working in your business, instead of on your business, will hinder you from reaching your full potential. By establishing best practices in your operations, your company can grow and mature. This presentation will help you understand where you and your business is up to on the journey. You will be given expert advice on how to prioritise and plan the next steps in your journey, a process that’s vital for business growth and maturity.Join James for this informational presentation where you’ll get a detailed look at where to start being more deliberate on progressing your journey. Register to attend https://membership.smbitpro.org/event-4289260
  3. until
    The Trials and Tribulations of Principal Lead Sales James Davis, Managing Director of Sea-Level Operations APAC Does financial performance fall entirely on your back? Does it go up and down based on your energy levels? Join James to walk through the steps and options to improve sales performance for the business and to transition out of owner lead sales. Register here
  4. Vivien Dehamer

    Keys to Managing the Tech Team

    Keys to Managing the Tech Team James Davis, Managing Director of Sea-Level Operations APAC You mean Techs don’t just magically do their job and do awesome work? Join James on this webinar and learn the psychology of the tech team and what you may be doing without realising, the techniques that can help increase your team’s morale, effectiveness and overall productivity. Register for the webinar here
  5. Vivien Dehamer

    Life of a Ticket

    Life of a Ticket James Davis, Managing Director of Sea-Level Operations APAC Join James for this informational webinar where we will walk step by step through the high-level processes of the Life of a Ticket. Learn the best practices of the Life of a Ticket by understanding the journey and the common mistakes that MSPs make that cause blockages to business growth. Find out how you can become more efficient by controlling the processes in the Life of a Ticket and how you adapt as you grow your team. Register here
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