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Found 8 results

  1. Carmen Ogilvie

    Manage Protect launches MPsecure

    The highly anticipated MPsecure from Manage Protect is here!MPsecure is a managed security solution designed to develop a business' cyber resilience, to better protect them from cyber threats.MPsecure is a comprehensive security solution which aims to protect an organisation's people, systems and environment. Available on multiple product levels, MPsecure will meet the individual needs of all small to medium businesses. There is nothing else in the market like it! Learn about the features that make this recurring revenue offering so unique. ready to be delivered by managed service providers with the support of Manage Protect Professional Services. Tune into this webinar hosted by Manage Protect to understand how this offering will elevate managed service providers (MSP) into managed security service providers (MSSP). Register to the webinar here
  2. Madeleane Abejero

    MSP Documentation Playbook


    A consistent and clean-cut documentation helps Managed Service Providers in maximising their time and effort and in providing efficient support to customers. Processes and data can become increasingly complicated as your MSP grows, so having an efficient documentation system in place that is readily accessible to your team is crucial to driving your MSP success. Get a copy of this free white paper to learn some useful tips for effective documentation and understand its importance not only for your MSP but your customers as well.
  3. 1 download

    For managed service providers, accurate time tracking and ticket notes are crucial in billing customers correctly and increasing accountability among teams. While it may seem tedious, having consistent and defined processes will help you improve your MSPs productivity and profitability. Get a copy of our free white paper to learn some smart techniques in improving your MSP’s time tracking and ticket note writing.
  4. 1 download

    If you’re having trouble keeping track of your deals and growing your customer database, this resource could be your next best buddy. This whitepaper talks about great strategies you can integrate in your day-to-day sales processes and help you make smart
  5. 2 downloads

    One of the most critical factors to consider in your MSP’s growth is making sure that you charge correctly for your services. As most MSPs have a similar range of solutions, standing out from a pool of providers is a bit of a challenge unless you strategise in building your bundles efficiently. This resource is created to guide MSPs of different sizes in coming up with bundles and pricing techniques that will work for your business and your customers.
  6. Madeleane Abejero

    Marketing 101 for MSPs

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    With a broad catalogue of services on offer, MSPs are among the most unique businesses when it comes to marketing. Download this whitepaper to get a guide on how to make the right decisions when it comes to marketing your MSP business. It is important to establish a strategy to effectively reach your target audience and developing one doesn’t have to be complicated! Your marketing strategy is how your MSP targets, reaches, engages, converts and nurture leads. In this free whitepaper, ‘Marketing 101 for MSPs’, you will learn how to do that and more. We covered topics such as: Defining your target audience Developing a campaign Effective lead nurturing that converts After-sales marketing How can Hosted Network help you?
  7. until
    Manage Protect are excited to launch a cybersecurity offering designed specifically for small to medium businesses (SMB) to be delivered by Managed Service Providers (MSP). A new way of delivering cybersecurity, this holistic, easy-to-implement offering encompasses both security products and managed services. Understand how Manage Protect's newest offering can help position the MSP as a cybersecurity expert, allowing them to deliver ongoing service and support while mitigating their clients' cyber risks. Join us for a live webinar to learn how this comprehensive all-in-one offering will level up your business and evolve it from MSP to Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). Register here>
  8. until
    Join James Davis from Sea-Level Operations, Ryan Spillane from 360 Consulting, and Matthew Smart from JEM Computer Systems as they discuss their experience with building high-performing MSP teams this 5th April 2022 at 1:30 PM AEST. What we'll cover: ✔️ What functions to outsource ✔️ Common mistakes when building a team ✔️ The importance of company culture ✔️ Training staff Hurry, as there are only a limited number of virtual seats available! 👉 Click here to reserve your spot. Each Qualified Australian MSP attendee gets a $25 Uber Eats Voucher!
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