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Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be rescheduling our Backup (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) technical workshop previously scheduled this week on 12th May 2022 at 1 PM AEST to a later date. ---
Oftentimes, your customers don't think they need an offsite backup solution until it's too late. Take the initiative in educating your customers and learn why Australian MSPs choose Hosted Network's Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service solution in our technical workshop happening this 12th May 2022 at 1 PM AEST.

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What you’ll learn:
✔️ Introduction to Veeam
✔️ Use Cases
✔️ Understanding RTOs and RPOs
✔️ Backup Restoration
✔️ Replication restore scenarios
✔️ Technical Requirements
✔️ Technical Demo


Join us as we introduce you to Hosted Network's VoIP offerings at a technical level and learn how you can take advantage of each to deliver reliable and profitable VoIP services to your customers.
What you'll learn:
✔️ Overview of Hosted Network VoIP products
✔️ Use cases
✔️ Technical Scoping
✔️ Migration Best Practices
✔️ Introduction to VoIP Management Portal
✔️ VoIP Platform PBX Functionality
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Mindset is everything! It shapes how you manage and grow your MSP. In our latest MSPs in Conversation, we will be joined by James Davis from Sea-Level Operations, Nigel Moore from the The Tech Tribe, and Ryan Spillane from 360 Consulting to talk about how to deal with the stress and noise brought by managing an MSP and embracing that right mindset to overcome all the challenges in growing your MSP business.
What we'll be discussing:
✔️ Learn how others manage the day to day grind that is the MSP world
✔️ Gain insight into what you can do to help reduce the noise and focus on what's important
✔️ Burnout; the ugly truth and views from before and after
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